Chargers 2013 Season Preview

Now that the dust has settled on a very busy off-season, it is time to take a realistic look ahead to the season fast approaching.  As is the case almost every year, Bolts fans are excited and bursting with optimism.  A new era of Chargers football began in earnest last Spring with new general manager Tom Telesco putting the pieces in place and new head coach Mike McCoy guiding the ship.  Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt takes over as offensive coordinator this year, while defensive coordinator John Pagano returns to direct an ever-improving group of defenders.  The coaching positions are filled with solid, well-respected individuals who are hungry to put their own stamp on what could well turn out to be a championship team one day.

What we, as fans, must remind ourselves this season is this is a work in progress.  The mess that former general manager A.J. Smith left for Telesco will take a few years to remedy.  Fixing the offensive line alone would be enough to drive a lot of general managers crazy.  Add in over-paid, under-achieving veterans sprinkled throughout the roster, you can begin to see that it is going to take Telesco and McCoy a few off-seasons to solidify the Bolts as a year-in year-out playoff contender once again.  Much like a clumsy toddler learning how to walk and then how to run, our Bolts will have their own stumbles and falls this year.  Patience my Boltfam brethren, there will come a day soon, however, that the team will hit full stride and lead the pack in the AFC West.  Having said all of that, I am not ready to discount a surprise run at the playoffs this year either.  Sure, a lot of things would need to fall into place for that to happen, but in the NFL- you just never know.  Think about it, even with the horrible offensive line play last season, Philip Rivers and company still managed 7 wins. To think that this year’s team, with an improved line, could muster an additional 3 or 4 wins isn’t that big of a stretch really.  Of course, the Broncos are loaded and the Chiefs will be much better this year, so as I said earlier- a lot of other things would need to fall into place for a playoff berth this year.  Patience…

In the coming weeks, we will take a look at the new faces on offense, defense and special teams as we make our way through the preseason together.  TT has been very busy adding fresh faces to the roster so there will be much to examine.  A new direction in Chargers football has been charted and the ship has departed- don’t abandon ship when we hit the first big waves…have faith and enjoy the ride.  The destination is a world championship!

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The Chargers aren't going to the playoffs this year. I'm just going to get that out of the way because I don't believe we have enough pieces in place for a playoff push. Realistically, I see the team finishing 7-9 but optimistically, this team can be a 9-7 team if a lot of things go right. This season is going to depend on whether Rivers' OL can protect him and if he can make smart decisions with the football. It wouldn't hurt if the Chargers could effectively run the football too. If Rivers can reduce the turnovers and Mathews can run the ball without fumbling, they have a good chance to win games.


I agree 100% with everything you've said. Personally, I feel a 9-7 record is definitely possible given the Bolts' schedule this year. Unfortunately, it won't be good enough for the post-season. I'm just hoping that we're not subjected to "fire McCoy" tweets as the team goes through the logical growing pains of learning a new system under a new head coach. That was the point of this article actually... Thanks for reading! Keep in touch.