Tom Telesco & Mike McCoy – Architects of a New Bolts Era

So here we are! The rebuilding process of the Lightning Bolts has begun!

Last week on Wednesday, Tom Telesco was introduced as new General Manager of the San Diego Chargers. Arriving from Indianapolis where he served as the Colts´ Vice President of football operations, he signed a four-year contract here in San Diego to lead the team´s player personnel department.

On Tuesday this week, the Chargers hired Mike McCoy, former offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, making him the 15th head coach in franchise history. He, too, signed a four-year deal.

At only 40 years of age, Tom Telesco is the youngest General Manager in Chargers history.
Many fans and experts expected Jimmy Raye to get the job. But President Dean Spanos must have been very impressed by Telesco during his interview, as following statement indicates:
“He came in and went through our roster, every player on the team,” said Spanos. “He did a player evaluation. He knew everyone, and he did it without notes. That to me said a lot. He had a really good feel for our team.”

Telesco´s first job here in San Diego was to find a new head man who is able to get the team back to where it belongs – the playoffs!

Not wasting any time, he held his first head coach interview the day after he was announced as new General Manager for the Chargers (it was with Gus Bradley, Seattle Seahawks).

After interviewing three more candidates over the next three days, Telesco and his team finally found the leader they´ve been looking for. As the Denver Broncos have been eliminated from the playoffs as of Saturday, the 40-year old McCoy became available for head coach interviews. The San Diego Chargers took advantage of the situation and scheduled an interview for Monday.

The story of McCoy traveling to the Chargers’ park gained more attention than the interview itself, especially on twitter. According to sources, the Chargers picked him up in Denver to escort him to San Diego on the owner´s private jet! He was the first candidate they did this for. Not even Tom Telesco had the pleasure of being escorted out to San Diego from Indianapolis on that plane. This showed their high interest in the former play-caller for the Denver Broncos.

Let’s take a quick look at McCoy´s story so far in the National Football League.

He started his NFL coaching career in 2000, serving as the Panthers´ offensive assistant, wide receiver’s coach, quarterback’s coach, and passing coordinator at different times over the nine years he was with the team. He also acquired Super Bowl experience with the Panthers, when they lost to the Patriots by three points in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

In 2009 he became the Broncos´ quarterback’s coach and their offensive coordinator.
In 2012, Denver scored the league´s second most points with the fourth most yards. And not to forget, the Broncos with McCoy as coordinator won a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers with the #1 rated passing defense at that time and with a quarterback named “Tim Tebow” – Respect!

On the other hand there are voices stating that Peyton Manning actually called a lot of offensive plays by himself. This probably has to be considered when talking about the impressive 11-game winning streak last year I guess. But let’s not forget that, besides Tim Tebow, guys like Kyle Orton and Jake Delhomme also had their best years under McCoy´s leadership.

The new head man of the San Diego Chargers was introduced to us fans on Tuesday. This press conference clearly showed he is an excellent speaker. Not only that – he really seizes the room! I´ve been impressed, and after reading some fan reactions, I know I wasn´t the only one.

He said this is an opportunity of a lifetime and that he was waiting for the right coaching job. “Right away I knew, after a couple of minutes in the interview process” McCoy continued, “that this is the place!” Now this sounds awesome, doesn´t it?

What´s also very interesting to know is that he won´t be holding the play sheet on the sidelines. Which means he will bring in an offensive coordinator to call the plays.
Who will it be? Well, let the search begin!

So I guess we fans have every reason to be excited about those two new young head men at Chargers Park.

Looking forward to next season!


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Great article my friend!  Keep up the good work...


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