Game Over for Philip Rivers?

Many questions have been asked this season by Boltheads all over the world – “Why is Norv Turner still coaching our Bolts?”; “Why does an undrafted rookie protect Philip Rivers´ blind side?” Or the question I wanna pay attention to with this short article: “What the heck is wrong with Philip Rivers?”

The season ain´t over yet, but it´s clear by now that it will be the worst so far for Philip Rivers in San Diego. After 14 games, his stats say it all: 15 interceptions, 15 fumbles with seven lost, and he also got sacked 43 times.

And this year will be the first time that he´ll experience a losing football season as a starting quarterback!

But of course, as football is a team sport, we can never blame just one player for a lost season. I guess most Charger fans put the blame on the performance of the injury-prone O-Line. Others may state that it is not possible to win enough games with a “No. 1″ wideout like Robert Meachem (and a talented wide receiver like Vincent Brown placed on injured reserve the whole season).

Another group of fans put the most blame on our leader and franchise quarterback Philip Rivers.
Some even go so far as to say that his time in San Diego is over! They are demanding the team draft a new quarterback as soon as possible, one which hopefully would be good enough to replace Rivers.

Well it stands to reason that a season like this generates a lot of frustration and anger among Charger fans. And it is their right, and maybe also their responsibility to speak their mind.

But although he again had a terrible performance in week 15, it is probably too early to give up on Philip Rivers.

I don´t know all the reasons for his decline in the last two years. But the lack of protection by his O-line must definitely be the biggest one. As I already mentioned above, 43 sacks in 14 games – that´s way to much! It´s obvious that he feels rushed even when no rush is put on him. The results are too many interceptions, fumbles, and incomplete passes.

However, especially in last week´s game against the Panthers, it’s become obvious that the O-Line isn´t the only reason for Rivers´ bad stats this season so far. As I said, he’s made bad decisions when he’s had plenty of time! And at this point I´m not too sure if a new head coach and an improved O-Line will bring back the Rivers we knew two years ago.

It actually pains me to see him trying and working so hard to get it together but always coming up short. But as hopeless as the situation may be, he is the last one to give up – you have to give him that.

But in the end what really counts are scores and wins. And if the quarterback and thus the leader of a football team is struggling, then no one on the team will be able to play at its best. And that is what we Boltheads are experiencing right now in Bolttown. And I´m really afraid that we´ll have to deal with that status quo quite a while.

As a Philip Rivers fan I´m hoping so bad he´ll get the turnaround next season. But it´s actually hard to conjure up some optimism for that eventuality at this point.

So, Philip Rivers will still be the starting quarterback next year, but maybe it would be a wise decision to draft or trade for a new talented guy behind Rivers this off-season. Maybe tougher competition at this position will get Philip back to where he once was.

Let´s just hope for it; I do not want to give up on him just yet.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in comments section below.

Bolt Up!

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Ryan Linville
Ryan Linville

I agree that he needs to step his game up. However, like you mentioned in this article he isnt getting the protection from an offensive line that is depleted to say the least. For any Chargers fan that says he should be gone after this season I say go find a new team. I still have faith in Rivers and am very optimistic for next season after the Bolts hire a new HC and improve the protection. Go Chargers and as always Bolt Up!!