2013: Beginning of a New Chargers´ Era?

I´m sure most Chargers fans read Kevin Acee´s U-T report from last Thursday. This report says that Dean Spanos has already set the wheels in motion for the firing of Norv Turner and A.J. Smith.

I guess thousands of Chargers fans all over the world celebrated and partied all night long – the first time in weeks without chill pills.

As exited as I was on Thursday after I heard that news is as skeptical as I am now when thinking about this report.

Okay, as for Norv Turner, I´m pretty sure he will be fired. How could one make a good case for keeping him as head coach? Well maybe if the Chargers win all of their remaining games with brilliant offensive play calls. But how likely is that to happen?

As head coach, Norv Turner never had much success. In seven seasons with the Washington Redskins (1994-2000), he went 49–59–1. With the Redskins he was able make the playoffs only once, in 1999, when they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the second round. His second destination as head coach was even worse: Oakland Raiders 2004-2005. He finished his first year in Oakland with a 5-11 record and in 2005 he went 4-12.

As for the firing of General Manager A.J. Smith – I´m not too sure if that will happen. I´m afraid he will find ways to convince Spanos that he is still the right man for this job in San Diego.

When looking at the win-loss records before and after he became General Manager of the Chargers in 2003, one could tend to agree with him: 1996-2003, no positive win-loss record; 2004 – 2011, no negative record.

But of course with decisions like replacing Marty Schottenheimer with Norv Turner after going 14-2 in 2006, letting Vincent Jackson and Darren Sproles go (without appropriate replacements), or picking Larry English over Clay Matthews in the 2009 draft, he did not make himself very popular among Chargers fans. Most of them are begging for his firing, and it seems their prayers have finally been heard.

But in the end, this all may be nothing more than speculation, as Dean Spanos’ response to the above mentioned U-T report reveals:

“There is only one person in this organization who will make those decisions and that’s me, and I haven’t shared my thoughts with anyone. I will make my evaluations at the end of the season. Anything coming out now – from sources or otherwise – is pure speculation.”

So I guess we´ll have to wait and see what the future brings for the San Diego Chargers.

But it seems we got an interesting off-season ahead of us.

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