Rock The Bolt Welcomes Three New Staff Writers

Hello, Bolt Nation! Rock The Bolt staff and readers, please welcome three of our newest addition to our Rock The Bolt Family – MC Boltman, Ron Rogers and Marcel Forster.

You may know MC Boltman as the spirited Bolts fan who’s spreading the Lightning energy via his YouTube channel making NFL tribute songs and videos. He likes ZZ Top and enjoys listening to them with a cold beer during halftimes. Now he’s trying writing as his new way of expressing and spreading that energy.

Ron Rogers, a.k.a. Coach Rogers is a fellow mid-westerner who is currently residing in Illinois. Ron is a middle school Physical Education teacher and coaches sports including baseball, basketball, volleyball and track. Busy man! So glad he can take the time to express his thoughts and views on our Chargers.

Marcel, the Awesome Marcel, is a displaced fan living in Netherlands. I thought I was a misplaced fan until I “met” Marcel, now I’m feeling local. He’s a relatively new Chargers fan, but we welcome ALL members of Bolt Nation! I wonder if he has an accent and if we can “hear” it through his writings… Hmmm… I kid, I kid.

Find out more about MC, Coach Ron and Marcel – and the rest of our staff writers on the “RTB Crew” section – and follow them on Twitter: MC Coach Marcel

BIG WELCOME to MC, Coach and Marcel! We’re all looking forward to Rockin’ The Bolt with you. Bolt Up!

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