Report Card: San Diego Chargers vs Cleveland Browns – Week 8

Here we are again, Boltheads, looking back at another Chargers loss – this time against the Cleveland Browns: Chargers 6 – Browns 7.

I guess we all expected the Chargers to come back strong from the bye week with a new master plan to solve the problems, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

But they obviously couldn´t figure out some way to get back on track. The result is another embarrassing performance with an even more embarrassing final score – six points, no touchdown… Somebody please wake me up from that nightmare!

However, we still have to do what we always do here on Rock The Bolts´ Report Card – and that is giving grades on the performance of the Chargers´ offense, defense, and special teams.


The Chargers’ defense headed into this match-up as second best in rushing defense.

It seems Browns´ rookie running back Trent Richardson wasn´t too impressed by those stats. He ran over that defense, broke tackles, and scored an impressive rushing touchdown.

Atari Bigby looked horrible on that play. I guess it was a tackle he tried to make on Richardson, but it looked more like one of those celebration body-checks between teammates after, for example, a touchdown score or some other big play. To be fair, he took the right route, but that’s worthless when you can´t stop the rusher. Unfortunately this wasn´t his only weird looking missed tackle on Richardson.

The run defense looked better in the second half, but even then, Trent Richardson was able to rush for 122 yards on 24 attempts – an average of 5.1 yards. That’s just simply too much.

Although the passing defense did not look too good at times, there wasn’t a touchdown pass by Brandon Weeden. Weeden was sacked twice and the Browns had to punt nine times. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well the Chargers’ defense did their part on that, but to be honest, the Browns just couldn´t get it going on their part.

So, we already have seen a better Chargers defense. But overall they had a decent game, especially in the second half.

Defense Grade: C


First shock on the first play: Richard Goodman out with a hamstring injury. Not a good way to start a game (of course we know how the game ended: even more painful). Wish you all the best, Goody! Get well soon!

Besides that injury, was there any other shocker on the special teams´ play?

Definitely yes: That fumble by Eric Weedle on a kick return in the fourth quarter. He tried to catch the ball, but unfortunately the ball dropped off his chin and slipped through his hands. Luckily he was able to recover it before the Browns could.

Mike Scifres had an awful 34-yard punt and a weird looking “toe poke“ punt, but despite, that he actually had a solid game. I liked his punts inside the 10-yard line.

And sad but true, the only points on the board for the Chargers came from Nick Novak. His two kicks from 43 yards and 31 yards were good – six points for the Chargers, yay!!

Nick Novak isn´t a bad kicker, but I wanna take the chance here to say one thing:
Although he was only reliable in the regular season, I will miss Nate Kaeding. He has been a Charger since 2004 (third round draft pick) and is the NFL’s most accurate kicker of all time with an 87.0-percent career conversion rate in the regular season. I´m sure he will get another chance in the NFL, and I wish him all the best.

Special Teams Grade: B


Somebody please give me a chill pill or two or I´ll go nuts before I can finish this section.

The second game in this young season without a touchdown score by the Chargers offense!

Come on, we´re talking about guys who have been doing that job for years. We´re talking about professional NFL veterans!

But they again weren´t able to score a touchdown; they weren´t even able to get into field goal range on their last drive, which would have been enough to win in Cleveland!

It pains me to write that, but the Chargers offense – plain and simple – sucks!

I still respect our quarterback as a person, but the crap Philip Rivers is currently showing on the field is just awful. I get a bad feeling every time he looks deep, and an even worse feeling when he´s actually throwing the ball to his wideouts. I mean, it’s easy to see he´s trying, but that’s definitely not enough.

He again made too many terrible decisions on his pass attempts and he was lucky not to get picked off several times. But of course Rivers isn´t the only one to blame; am I right Mr. Meachem?

What a embarrassing drop by Robert Meachem in the third quarter with a wide open field. This would have been an easy 51-yard touchdown. But no, not with Robert Meachem. He obviously wants to do his job only in New Orleans.

And now I wanna talk to you, Mr. #24 Ryan Mathews: You are so talented, but why is it that much of a problem for you to keep the ball in your hands? With that awfully disgusting passing game, it would be great to have at least something on the offensive side of the ball that we fans can rely on. 
Seeing you running and getting tackled gives me the same creepy feeling when watching Rivers trying to make a deep throw.

I guess the only one worth mentioning on the plus side of the list is Ronnie Brown. He had 17 rushing yards on four carries and 85 receiving yards on seven catches. Wow… what an offense!

Offense Grade: F, what else?

Well, I could also place here that famous and well known phrase: “Fire Norv!” But who to bring in instead of him? Would that make all the busts on the offense better? Or should we already write this season off and plan for the next one?

At this point, I´m fine with every move the Chargers make, because one thing is for sure: Something has to be done! No more excuses, it’s easy to see that this team really sucks in a worse kind of way.

Man, I just wanna see an NFL football team in San Diego again!

There once has been such a team. They were called SAN DIEGO CHARGERS!
They were awesome!
I want them back!

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment below.


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