Rock The Bolt And Give Me A Low Five: Chargers Vs Browns

Chargers Defense Against Browns


Low Defensive Players: Atari Bigby, Chargers Defense

Atari Bigby had some bad plays in this game with bad tackling on Richardson’s touchdown run in the first quarter, and dropping a sure interception in the fourth quarter with the Browns inside their own seven-yard line. If Bigby catches the ball it is a pick six and the Bolts could’ve had a touchdown which might have won them the game.

The Chargers’ defense as a whole didn’t play well in this game. The run defense just could not stop Trent Richardson, who had over 100 yards rushing on the day. Richardson tore up the defense between the tackles and broke a lot of the Chargers’ defenders tackles. That was due to bad tackling by the Chargers’ players, trying to tackle Richardson up high, Richardson getting good runs, and him being a big tough runner to bring down. The pass defense also let Josh Gordon and Greg Little catch passes coming over the middle and to get yards after the catch, which is something I mentioned in my write-up last week – the Browns’ strength in the pass game.

Chargers Robert Meachem against Browns


Low Offensive Players: Robert Meachem, Chargers Offensive Line

Robert Meachem dropped a sure touchdown pass from Rivers in the third quarter on a third and nine play which would have given the Chargers a 10-7 lead in the middle of the third quarter.

The offensive line, as one, did not play well in this game. They let the Browns defensive line push them back into Rivers and made Rivers worry about getting sacked while standing in the pocket. Rivers was hurried throughout the game and scrambled a little in the pocket in this game. He also got sacked and got hit many times after his throws.

Chargers Philip Rivers against Browns


Low Veteran Player: Philip Rivers

Rivers had another not so great game; his short throws were moving the chains with Ronnie Brown, but his throws down field weren’t great, which is understandable considering how the weather was in this game. But when he took shots down field it looked like he just chucked it up there just to get rid of it. Multiple times on his long throws the receivers were double covered, twice in the second quarter alone, once with Malcom Floyd. Then once again in the third quarter on a try for a touchdown pass to Gates which was incomplete. Gates had four defenders around him in the end zone on that pass attempt. He also threw the ball to bad spots which made it tough for receivers coming over the middle to catch the ball throughout the game. He has to fix his mental game along with fixing his ball location on throws.

Chargers Mike Scifres Punts against Browns


Low Special Teams Player: Mike Scifres

Mike had an up and down game; he had short punts which gave the Browns good starting field position. This was due in part to the weather, but he also just got bad contact on the ball when kicking the punts.

Low Rookie Player: None worth mentioning in this game.

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@scubapoet I hear ya! not a great game for the bolts. Thanks for reading! I'll have my 5 top chargers players from this game a little later today.