Rock The Bolt And Give Me A High Five: Chargers Vs Browns

Chargers RB Ronnie Brown against Browns


Top Veteran Player: Ronnie Brown

Ronnie Brown played very well in this game. He helped the offense and Rivers out in the short passing game all day long, getting good yards after the catch on those short throws. He was constantly giving the Chargers first downs and keeping drives going. He also had some good rushes as well. Brown had seven catches for 85 yards and had four rushes for 17 yards.

Chargers LB Donald Butler against Browns


Top Defensive Players: Donald Butler, Eric Weddle

Donald Butler has been a very solid player each week, just like Weddle. He had solid tackles in the third quarter on Browns running back Trent Richardson to force a three and out, another tackle for a loss on Richardson, and he put pressure on Weeden in the third quarter. Butler had in total five tackles and six assisted tackles in this game.

Eric Weddle also had another solid game as he mostly does each week. He had solid tackles in helping in run stopping in the third quarter. He also stripped the ball to cause a fumble on Browns running back Hardesty in the fourth quarter with three minutes left in the game; he came on a blitz off the edge. The Browns ended up recovering, but still good effort by Eric. In total he had five tackles on defense and one assist with Cam Thomas on a stop of Richardson in the third quarter.

Chargers Eric Weddle returns punt against Browns


Top Special Teams Players: Eric Weddle, Nick Novak

I also have to give Eric Weddle credit for doing the punt return duties; he had some good returns in the third quarter to give the Chargers good starting field position at the 43-yard line. Weddle also took some hard hits doing these returns, so props to him for doing double duty yesterday!

Nick Novak kept the Chargers in the game with his two field goals. He hit his first field goal from 43 yards out as the second quarter was ending. Then he hit one from 31 yards out in the third quarter to keep them in the game, behind only one point.

Chargers RB Ryan Mathews against Browns


Top Offensive Player: Ryan Mathews

Ryan Mathews had a good game against the Browns, although he did have one fumble. Though before and after the fumble Mathews ran well, moving the chains and getting first downs along with catching short passes like Ronnie Brown. Mathews had 95 yards rushing on 24 attempts, and two catches for nine yards.

Top Rookie: None worth noting in this game.

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