Around The Grid: Slim’s Weekly Picks – Week 2

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Week Two is already here.

Will Vick “bounce back” versus the Ravens? Will New Orleans drop to 0-2? Tough game on Monday Night between Atlanta and Denver, who wins that game? Can the Jets duplicate their offensive output against Pittsburgh?

We already saw Green Bay take care of Chicago on Thursday, here is how I see the rest of the week shaking out:

Kansas City at Buffalo – 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Winner: Kansas City; 20-14

Tough choice there. Kansas City’s Tamba Hali returns to action this week, that may be part of the reason why I’m picking them to win. Outside of CJ Spiller’s rushing performance, nothing Buffalo did last week impresses me or leads me to believe they are capable of beating the Chiefs this week. Fitzpatrick WILL turn it over – often – and that WILL be the difference.

New Orleans at Carolina – 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Winner: New Orleans; 31-23

I want to believe Cam Newton will duplicate what RGIII did to the Saints, I really do, but I just don’t see it. A large part of Robert Griffin’s success came from Washington’s ability to run the ball (over 150 total yards on the ground). Carolina rushed for 10 yards last week. I doubt they will duplicate that abysmal performance but I also don’t see it drastically improving. New Orleans will hop on Carolina early and make Newton chuck it over 30 times – a situation I think favors New Orleans.

Cleveland at Cincinnati – 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Winner: Cincinnati; 27-9

*Yawns* Cincinnati can’t be happy with its week one output vs the Ravens and will be looking to take their frustration out on the Browns. Browns fall to 0-2, no brainer here.

Minnesota at Indianapolis – 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Winner: Indianapolis; 21-13

Minnesota got some encouraging things last week that included a two touchdown effort from Peterson and a 100 total yard performance from Percy Harvin. But they went into overtime with the Jaguars. Indy had a bit of a tougher challenge – in facing Chicago – but played fairly well. I think Luck and Colts notch their first win under the new regime this week.

Houston at Jacksonville – 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Winner: Houston; 31-10

Jacksonville missed a golden opportunity to steal a win last week but it was all lost on a Gabbert deep ball – on a fourth down and short - in OT. Houston won handedly at home last week versus Miami and they should win pretty handedly this week.

Arizona at New England – 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Winner: New England; 38-13

New England will win this game and it will not be close. Arizona stole one versus Seattle last week but that momentum won’t carry over this week. The further this game gets away from the Cardinals, the worse it’ll get for Kolb, as Belichick will open up the playbook and have guys coming from everywhere.

Tampa Bay at NY Giants – 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Winner: NY Giants; 21-14

The Buccaneers Defense played extremely well last week vs Carolina. I do think they will be competitive in this battle too but it won’t be enough. The Giants squeak this one out. The Giants lost in week one but had opportunities to win and left a lot of plays on the field. A defensive battle indeed but Eli passes for three TDs in this one and Giants get their first win.

Baltimore at Philadelphia – 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Winner: Baltimore; 24-14

Easily one of the top match-ups of the week. Everyone is expecting a Vick ‘bounce back’ game, Vick was flat out horrible last week, so anything less than four interceptions will be a ‘bounce back’ game for him. Lol. Philadelphia will play a lot more ball control in this game but it will need to be perfect to beat Baltimore and that, I don’t see happening. Ravens make the most of all possessions, will suffocate the Eagles and eventually will come out victorious.

Oakland at Miami – 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Winner: Oakland; 20-13

Oakland’s defense wasn’t bad on Monday Night, it was their inability to score that hampered them. Denarius Moore returns for the Raiders this week and that will definitely help them stretch the field. Miami was far from impressive in Houston and I can’t really find any high notes from their performance. Oakland gets the win here.

Dallas at Seattle – 1:05 pm PT / 4:05 pm ET

Winner: Dallas; 30-21

Dallas continues their balanced attack this week in Seattle. Romo torched the Giants for 300 yards and DeMarco Murray grossed over 100+ yards. I don’t think the Seahawks defend better than the Giants do, so the same offensive performance could be in the works. Seattle missed an opportunity last week and it won’t get any easier for them this week. Dallas gets its second win.

Washington at St Louis – 1:05 pm PT / 4:05 pm ET

Winner: St Louis; 23-17

Gut feeling here. Rams were solid last week in Detroit, in defending their aerial attack. Although they lost, they showed the fight that all of Jeff Fisher’s teams show. This is their home opener and will play well. Redskins will drop to 1-1 but I don’t think it’s a negative. Realistically, I’m sure the coaching staff were hoping for 1-1 record out of the first two games, given they were road ones.

NY Jets at Pittsburgh – 1:25 pm PT / 4:25 pm ET

Winner: NY Jets; 24-16

Pittsburgh looked REALLY old versus Peyton and the Broncos. Ben and the offense played well, but the majority of their positive plays came on broken ones. The Jets will be all over that. There will be hard hitting, there will be trash talking and it will be nothing short of exciting. Steelers drop to 0-2 after this one.

Detroit at San Francisco – 5:20 pm PT / 8:20 pm ET (Sunday Night Football)

Winner: San Francisco; 28-24

This was a tough choice. I pretty much went with the safe one here. I like what Detroit can do to the Niners on the back end, I just don’t know if the line can hold up long enough. San Francisco will pound and pound and it’ll be important for Detroit to get off of the field on 3rd down. Once Harbaugh gets the rushing he likes, it becomes extremely difficult to predict his next move. Detroit does not want to get into that sort of match. The typical offense versus defense matchup, on Sunday Night, this one will be close.

Denver at Atlanta – 5:30 pm PT / 8:30 pm ET (Monday Night Football)

Winner: Atlanta; 34-28

We’ve all seen what Peyton did to Pittsburgh last week. We’ve all seen what Matt Ryan did to Kansas City last week. This is a matchup that I have circled since the schedule was printed. Denver will have every opportunity to win the game but Atlanta wins this game. Ryan and the Falcons will feature Michael Turner a lot more, as keeping it away from Peyton should be number one or two on the scouting report.

As always, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

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My difference - Tampa Bay in an upset Washington (a;ways play well to start but not end the season) and Pittsburgh.