Saturday Training Camp Review

Saturday afternoon, over 5,000 fans showed up to Chargers Park to see the Bolts practice during the first public practice of the year. It was a beautiful day out, it was an exciting atmosphere and above all, the practice was physical.

Numerous #17 and #24 jerseys littered the park (what else in new, right?), but there were a few new numbers that people condoned and came out to see. You could tell Charger faithful were eager to see what the new additions to the team like Jarrett Johnson, Robert Meachem and Melvin Ingram will bring to the table. AJ Smith has put together what a lot believed to be his best offseason; acquiring depth (people we’ve heard of) and an above average draft, that has caused a lot of buzz around town, so the packed crowd was very understandable. 

Of course, I was there with a notepad and pen in hand taking notes. Here are some of my noteworthy observations:

- With Bigby injured, Brandon Taylor had snaps with the 1s, and looked alright. Pagano kept him hugged to the LOS.

- A lot of the runs were outside to the seven and eight holes. We no longer possess maulers on the line, so moving this line laterally will have to be the solution, if we want any production in the run game.

- Eric Weddle was in centerfield a lot. What that means to me is we will have a lot of people in the box (good thing) but leaves single coverage on the outside (bad thing).

- I didn’t get my wish in seeing Melvin Ingram get moved around because he was exclusively at OLB. He showed a very good burst and remained low throughout the burst, which is good. He also LOVES the dip move. On the second team he lined up as the Sam (over the LT) but when he is subbed in during a real game, I believe he will be the Jack (kind of the “specialty” rusher spot).

- Competition at WR. Vincent Brown is quickly becoming a favorite target, he snags anything in the vicinity and looks hungrier than the others. He will be pegged in as the 3rd WR but he will get plenty of opportunities. Roscoe Parrish was brilliant too. He ran a lot of motion on the same side as Gates, that should negate the bracket coverage Antonio gets. Goodman (obviously, Royal’s spot when he comes back), Parrish and Brown lined up in what was kind of a “speed” package (that will be fun). 

- Kickers. Kaeding’s smooth stroke and follow through was such a beauty to watch as he nailed field goals after field goals on the skinny field goal posts. Novak’s kicks, opposite in his approach, were booming off of his foot (loud). I like Nick, but the job is Kaeding’s to lose.

RTB Writers: Patrick Green and Jerome Watson


{Photos provided by Ms. Jocelyn Cinco}

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