2012 NFL Draft: First Round Roundup

As the second round of the NFL Draft approaches us in the coming hours, I’d like to the time to voice my input on last night’s activity. Lets get to it.

1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck

No Brainer. Luck gets a chance to work under Bruce Arians and Chuck Pagano (both Super Bowl winning coordinators). He will have struggles but having coaches of this caliber will definitely improve his chances for a positive first year.

2. Washington Redskins (From STL) – Robert Griffin III

Another “No Brainer.” I’m skeptical about spread QBs but I don’t blame the Redskins’ organization one bit. He clearly passes the eye test.

3. Cleveland Browns (From Min) – Trent Richardson

Cleveland lost its star back in Hillis, this made total sense. Jim Brown called him “ordinary.” He is, given there isn’t anything spectacular or eye-popping about his game, but has A- grades in every facet for RB. Will be good.

4. Minnesota Vikings (From Cle) – Matt Kalil

Remove Luck and Griffin from the field and Minnesota got the best player in the draft at four. Period.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (From TB) – Justin Blackmon

I mocked Floyd here because I figured Jax could wait but they went and got the best WR in the draft and I don’t blame them. In my mock, I stated Mularkey brings ATL offense that needs two physical WRs — They got Laurent Robinson in Free Agency and added Justin Blackmon in draft.

6. Dallas Cowboys (From STL) – Morris Claiborne

Good pick. Good move. NYG and Eli will continue to torch the NFC East with their three WR sets. Dallas is good enough to beat Philly and Washington but not better than the Giants (pre-draft), so this pick was a need.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From Jax) – Mark Barron

Grrrr. Lol. Barron hasn’t played a down yet, but I’d be willing to bet he is the best defensive player they have right now. With Jimmy Graham, Greg Olsen and ATLs aerial attack in the division, this totally made sense.

8. Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill

I don’t like the pick, nor do I understand it. I don’t see Tannehill even being considered a top 15 QB until his 4th/5th season, will Sherman still be there?

9. Carolina Panthers – Luke Kuechly

Panthers liked what they saw on the field and in interviews, so they pulled the trigger. Rivera runs a complex scheme of different zone schemes, there is no smarter or zone LB in the draft. Safe.

10. Buffalo Bills – Stephon Gilmore

Bills already assembled one heck of a defensive line in free agency. The next glaring hole was CB, I dig the pick.

11. Kansas City Chiefs – Dontari Poe

I like the pick, primarily because I think Poe is overrated. Maybe Crennel can get it out of him, because Memphis coaches couldn’t. Hardwick should have a field day with this kid, can’t wait to see it.

 12. Philadelphia Eagles (From Sea) – Fletcher Cox

I knew Philly was going interior lineman but I thought it’d be Devon Still due to his versatility. Not a huge fan but Fletcher works in Philly and joins a very stacked defensive line.

13. Arizona Cardinals – Michael Floyd

Stayed put and got the man Fitz – I mean, they - wanted. I mocked Upshaw here but that was with the thought Floyd would be gone. These two are going to be a load to deal with.

14. St Louis Rams – Michael Brockers

Jeff Fisher and the Rams front office saw the same thing I did. I really wanted him due to how young age. Fisher is assembling Tennessee 2.0, with Brockers being in Haynesworth mold (brought Finnegan from Tennessee with him).

15. Seattle Seahawks (From Phi) – Bruce Irvin

Some didn’t understand it, I did. Pete has a spot in his defense that resembles a “rover” back, more popular in NCAA game (Like Urlacher at New Mexico or for my fellow Aztec fans, its how Rocky Long used Miles Burris). Bruce pumped a 4-4 40 and Pete will line him up everywhere you can name (save CB and FS).

16. New York Jets – Quinton Coples

Quinton didn’t even make my first round mock draft, to be honest. BUT under Ryan, I think he can blossom into a good one. On the DLine he will be surrounded by three bigs (almost totalling 1000 pounds), so he will have plenty of one-on-ones. Could be a steal.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (From Oak) – Dre Kirkpatrick

I mocked him here and it’s the perfect fit. They have corners, save Leon Hall, that are way over 30. They need insurance behind them, they got it.

18. San Diego Chargers – Melvin Ingram

If you follow me, you know that I don’t dig this dude. However, if we are talking “value” then we did a good job. I welcome any Chargers to the squad, just hate that we passed on DeCastro.

19. Chicago Bears – Shea McClellin

Kid plays hard, on every snap… that’s a very underrated aspect. In the Tampa two-scheme, he will have his hand in ground 80% of time (I seen his ceiling being on a 34 team, lining up at six spots) which may hamper his “versatility.”

20. Tennessee Titans – Kendall Wright

Speed before the catch. Speed after the catch. This pulls defenses off of CJ a little bit. Tennessee has three solid WRs but Britt is coming off of an injury, so I totally understood the pick.

21. New England (From Cin) – Chandler Jones

New England is building a defense of future while still competing for championships right now, it’s crazy. Jones allows Belichick to revert back to 3-4 defense and its Scary to think what Belichick will do with a player like this.

22. Cleveland Browns (From ATL) – Brandon Weeden

I said it. If Browns go RB first, you will see QB and WR in succession. I got the QB right, now waiting on their round two picks. The decision on Weeden dooms McCoy, given hes 28 but will be good, trust me.

23. Detroit Lions – Riley Reiff

Sticking to best player available usually nets you good results. Riley was highly regarded as second best tackle and a possible top 10 talent, Lions got their man at 23 and Stafford rejoices.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers – David DeCastro

Does Pittsburgh do anything wrong during draft time? Lol. A great one fell right into their lap and trust me, DeCastro will dominate from day one. If we couldn’t get Brockers, I wanted him. Obviously, I got neither one.

25. New England Patriots (From Den) – Donta Hightower

Like previously stated, Patriots are buiding while still winning. New England went from suspect LB corps to easily top 10 within a day. Hightower will be in middle and Mayo might get moved outside to keep Spikes from being to exposed. Good pick.

26. Houston Texans – Whitney Mercilus

Wade Phillips gets a new toy and Whitney should very happy about it. Wade has a scheme built for players like him and will not be long before Mercilus is in top 10 sacks every year.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (From NE) – Kevin Zeitler

Needed a guard, got the second best one… Makes sense.

28. Green Bay Packers – Nick Perry

Everyone was high on this kid, I wasn’t. I couldn’t find where he would reach his max potential and I think teams did, too. If he is, indeed, best standing up then GB good player, I thought his ceiling would be in a 4-3 with two bigs on middle.

29. Minnesota Vikings (From Bal) – Harrison Smith

The safety class after Barron and Smith takes a drastic drop, so I see why they went got him. Smith is best in a zone based scheme (which Vikings run), where he won’t have to be centerfielder. Good pick.

30. San Francisco 49ers – AJ Jenkins

Run tape of this kid. There isn’t much blemish in his game, size, speed and route running. Harbaugh seen it and they pulled the trigger.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From Den) – Doug Martin

Tampa got their three down back that Schiano likes. I like David Wilson more, but Martin definitely fits what Schiano likes to with his RBs.

32. New York Giants – David Wilson

Power and finesse. He brings what Jacobs and Bradshaw does with less injury concern. This is a luxury pick for the Giants and they got an RB for the future.

Thanks for reading folks. If you have any questions or comments on the commentary, feel free to weigh in below

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