Daily Lightning Strike: Goodbye, Kris Dielman…

Robert Benson-US PRESSWIRE

He may have been known as the left guard of San Diego Chargers, but to many others he will be remembered as a loyal weapon. His strength took him into many battles on the field and was never the one to complain of body aches. During October 2011 season, Kris Dielman had a helmet to helmet collision while playing against the New York Jets. Upon his standing to shake off his concussion, he wobbled just to catch his balance. When the whistle blew, Dielman was in position for the next play. When it came time for the Chargers to fly home to San Diego, Dielman suffered a seizure on the plane. Shortly after takeoff, the plane took an emergency landing. Since that game in October, Dielman has been considering retirement.

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He started his career as a Charger and will be ending it with the same title, a San Diego Charger. canada pharmacy His loyalty stood with San Diego since the season of 2003. He’s a four time Pro-bowler. Not to mention a two time All Pro for his amazing ability to yield sacks. He isn’t recognized just for his ability to stomp out opponents that aim for his quarterback, but also for the move he did in the 2007 season. Seattle offered to pay him a lot more money than San Diego was offering, only to decline their offer to take a pay cut and came back to San Diego – the place he called home.

Kris Dielman will always be thought of as a Charger. His dedication to the game was beyond what a lot can say for their left guard. His retirement may have not come as a shock but it will be a great loss for San Diego. If the Chargers can find someone who is half the player Dielman was, they may have a good player on their hands. His journey as a member of the Chargers may now be over, but his new journey will soon begin.

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Kris was a fan favorite, and always treated the fans with respect and dignity, I've had the opportunity to meet him several times in person and he always came off as an overall great guy...best of luck to him in his life after the Chargers. great article as always


Great article! Kris will be missed for sure. He will surely be remembered as one of the great lineman of the Chargers. Especially during the big impact he made in LT's career here in SD. Without him there would have been no rushing title for LT. I think we all agree it was great to see him turn down the Seahawks and continue for SD. He has was a big part of helping the chargers get back to being contenders in the league and keeping the o-line great for many years during their playoff runs.