Around The Grid:Karma Coming For Brady?

For the skeptics in the world that do not believe in Karma, they might want to rethink their opinion. For the past few years different athletes have been hooking up with celebrities from different industries. As for Tom Brady, he hooked up with Gisele Bundchen while he had impregnated his then girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. Is it karma or is it just pure coincidence?

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Source: Simon on Sports

The newest addition to the pack of successful athletes to join the scumbag team was Tiger Woods. He reportedly had numerous affairs on his wife, Elin Nordegren. Let’s no forget about Tony Romo who allegedly dumped girlfriend Jessica Simpson a day before her 29th birthday. What do all these men have in common other than being scumbags? Their success.

They were all once considered to be the best in their leagues. What exactly happened to their success after karma came around? Their luck and charm run out! A good considerable option may be that the true identity of a man is created by his brain not his body nor capability. At one point or another, their bodies were capable of becoming the best and their false identities that were shared with the public eye only appealed due to their own lies that drove their identities. Family counselor M. Gary Neuman stated that once a man has been figured out, it shakes his sense of who he is as a person. Not only is he seen for his true colors but cymbalta without prescription he lacks the confidence he once had when appearing to be the All-American Athlete. It becomes very hard to focus on the competitiveness that comes with the sport.

Though you may think it may be a long shot for Tom Brady, not only did Gisele become a man stealer, she even went above and beyond to call out Brady’s teammates after the second straight Superbowl loss.

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Many times men declare the losing of a team, or individual a loss due to their famous significant other. In no way does that have to do with them losing a game, it has to due with their karma and confidence. They no longer can walk around like Mr. Perfect and All-American without being thought of as a womanizer first. No matter how many times you blame Jessica Simpson for the failing of the Cowboys’ 2009 season, take a good long look at the man that did her dirty.

Next time Brady, be sure to leave your pregnant girlfriend for a Super Model who is the hottest of her siblings.

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brilliant article, you never cease to amaze me, and even more relevant after Tiger choked yesterday