Daily Lightning Strike: New Season, Fresh Start

Well another season is in the books. What a season it was. Great games throughout the season, great plays made, new playmakers emerged and made a name for themselves and put the league on notice. This was also a great year for rookies, many of them showing they were NFL ready from the get go even without a full offseason program. This also goes for 1st year coaches who got their team in the playoffs and made some noise!

Now it is time to look forward to next year! Now the offseason starts along with its crazy headlines and rumors of who is going where, who is leaving for another team etc. For me, the wait is so long! I just love this sport so much as many of us do that I never want it to end. When it does I’m left with “well now what?” Right now we are in that period between the end of the football season and the yet-to-start baseball season.

I know there is basketball, but I watch here and there not every game. I don’t have a favorite basketball team. So I can only wait for college football spring practice to see any type of actual football being played on the field. (Yes, I do watch those when they come on ESPN.) But for now we got the combine coming up, and then the NFL draft in April.

So here’s to another awesome NFL season! Bring on next season! And a fresh start for all teams. Everyone is now 0-0! Here is to all those fans who say next season will be our year! Go Chargers!

Source: NFL.com

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Interesting how our own perspectives make all the difference... Until I saw the Charger logo, I was confused. You see, I love the NHL, and I just assumed you were a Tampa Bay Lighting fan!


Yeah, I do sometimes as well. The ones that make you say What?! lol! Thanks for reading Susie!