Vincent Jackson’s Visit In The Jungle


Today’s guest on The Jim Rome Show was Chargers’ Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson.

Of course with that “cool customer” voice he expressed no concern about having lack of practice because of the lockout. He did spend a few days with his Pro-bowl Quarterback Philip Rivers and Malcom Floyd. Jackson said, “It’s all about timing and staying in that tempo, same rhythm.”

Rome asked about his one year deal and if any of the business talks ever got personal. Jackson again reassured Rome and all the listeners that he never wanted to leave San Diego. It was “always business” and is hopeful to get that long term deal he has been after. I was not sure if his answer was sincere or not, but I know all Charger fans expect him here for years to come.

When asked how Antonio Gates is looking with his injury, he sounded very optimistic about this year and the amount of production they can both bring to the table. Jackson went on saying, “I think he’ll be ready to go by the time the season starts.” Which sound great to me! He also added, “He’s clearly the most dangerous player in his position on the field, he makes my job easier.”

The only part that was a bit comical was when out-spoken Rome asked a bout the Running Game. VJax did not seem excited answering the question, “We do have that three-headed monster,” refering to Ryan Mathews, Mike Tolbert and Jacob Hester, “we can put together a decent run game.”

We can can only hope decent is better than what the Chargers have displayed in the preseason. That play action is going to be key for the passing attack, or could it be the other way around this year?

Listen to Vincent Jackson’s interview on Jim Rome Show in its entirety here. It’s about 9 minutes from the end of the Broadcast.

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Deborah Turner-Allen
Deborah Turner-Allen

great synopsis! I love it, thanks!

Enrique Alvarado
Enrique Alvarado

Well it was a short interview and I think it's best to express your opinion. Thank you and come visit us again. Go Bolts!