Rock The Bolt Welcomes Three Staff Writers

While all the NFL teams trimmed their rosters today, we just increased ours.

Rock The Bolt would like to welcome three new Staff Writers; Pablo Alejandro, Jerome Watson and John Liwanag.

Pablo Alejandro and I used to write together at and he is a displaced fan living in Arizona.

Jerome Watson was born, raised and living in San Diego whose mom is a die hard Chiefs fan. She gave him a choice like I did with my sons who are Niner Faithfuls.

John Liwanag is a fellow Bay Area Charger fan like myself.

Learn more about them on our ‘About‘ page, and keep your eyes peeled for their articles and insights on our Chargers.

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Enrique Alvarado
Enrique Alvarado

Welcome All. Glad to have a chance to work with you and hope to have a great Chargers 2011 Season. Go Bolts!! Go Rock The Bolt!!