WADA Difference HGH Makes.

Hey Charger fans, question for you. Do you agree with HGH testing before the 2011 regular season begins? Would everyone or majority of the players test positive?

Meetings between the players Union and the NFL have begun and of course there are differences brewing from both sides. The NFL wants to impliment and use the testing system World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The NFLPA reps’ think WADA’s system seems to be invasive and uncomfortable. Or could it be that this matter would concern more than half the player in the NFL? Of course these two sides will never agree.

What is good for NFL is to make sure this drug (HGH) does not become a common substance used around the league or be accepted like it is in baseball. The only problem is, I think it may be too late.

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The only hope left for a sport that is so physical as football is to nip it in the bud. Young players should see the consequences of chasing and having that unfair adventage or edge. Also, these player have to understand these precautions are being concidered for their safety. The collisions against one another are devastating. We now see career ending injuries all the time.

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Any kind of drugs attack your senses from neurological, physical to emotional eventually causing confusion and irrational judgement. Now, add a 250 pounds tank running at you at a speed that could knock down a brick wall. Essentially you have made an atom bomb.

Send your comments to us here at RockTheBolts.com whether you agree or disagree on HGH testing before the regular season starts.

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J Nunez
J Nunez

HGH doesn't do that. Get your info straight before you start posting worthless shit on the internet.