Chargers' Butcher Shop Is Now Open!

All National Football League teams’ roster will be cut down to 80 players on Tuesday and even more so when teams must cut them down to 53 by September 3rd.

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So, I thought I would try and play the General Manager role and slice some names off the list. Then later this week I will trim some more fat and pick a practice squad. After that, I will submit it to AJ Smith – and the organization – then they will make their decisions based upon the information I will be giving them. Well, that last part might not be happening but a man can dream, can he not?

We probably won’t miss these guys that gets the axe on Tuesday, unless their name happens to be Stephen Cooper. We probably have not even of heard of them before, but that is neither here nor there.


Now, hand me my cleaver so that I can get on to the chopping board!!

89   Ajirotutu, Seyi WR
98 Barnes, Antwan OLB
60 Baxter, Colin C
90 Bentley, Kevin ILB
50 Binn, David LS
97 Bird, Bront LB
96 Blanc, Mike DE
44 Brinkley, Curtis RB
30 Broadway, Ramon CB
86 Brown, Vincent WR
77 Bryant, Charlie DT
56 Butler, Donald ILB
20 Cason, Antoine CB
93 Castillo, Luis DE
74 Cesaire, Jacques DE
66 Clary, Jeromey T
54 Cooper, Stephen ILB
12 Crayton, Patrick WR
88 Charles, Davis TE
68 Dielman, Kris G
62 Dombrowski, Brandyn G-T
77 Eckerson, Hutch T
52 English, Larry OLB
80 Floyd, Malcom WR
59 Gachkar, Andrew LB
53 Gamble, Darryl LB
71 Garay, Antonio DT
85 Gates, Antonio TE
38 Gilchrist, Marcus CB-KR
15 Goodman, Richard WR
69 Green, Tyronne G-T
28 Gregory, Steve SS
61 Hardwick, Nick C
39 Harrison, Stephen CB
9 Hazelton, Vidal WR
22 Hester, Jacob FB
64 Huey, Michael G
33 Hughes, Dante CB
48 Ihenacho, Carl DE
83 Jackson, Vincent WR
23 Jammer, Quentin CB
10 Kaeding, Nate K
8 Kenny, Cameron WR
99 LaBoy, Travis OLB
58 Leman, Jeremy LB
94 Liuget, Corey DE
92 Martin , Vaughn DE-DT
24 Mathews, Ryan RB
81 McMichael, Randy TE
4 McNeal, Shawnbrey RB
73 McNeill, Marcus T
57 Mouton, Jonas LB
63 Mruczkowski, Scott C-G
91 Nwagbuo, Ogemdi DE-DT
41 Odim, Isaac RB
67 Otterson, Ryan T
84 Patterson, Travon WR
95 Phillips, Shaun olb
41 Polk, Nick FS
17 Rivers, Philip QB
11 Robinson, Laurent WR
39 Rogers, Dean FB
31 Sanders, Bob SS
75 Scafe, Damik DE
70 Schilling, Stephen T
2 Schmitt, Ricky P
5 Scifres, Mike P
37 Simmons, Traye CB
82 Sperry, Kory TE
51 Spikes, Takeo ILB
25 Stuckey, Darrell S
30 Sullivan, Brandon RB
34 Summers, Frank FB
46 Taylor, Brad TE
36 Teal, Quinton S
76 Thomas, Cam DT
78 Thran, Bo T
40 Todman, Jordan RB
35 Tolbert, Mike RB
16 Tolzien, Scott QB
65 Vasquez, Louis G
7 Volek, Billy QB
26 Wallace, C.J. S
13 Walters, Bryan WR
87 Washington, Kelley WR
32 Weddle, Eric FS
42 Wilson, Kion FB-LB
47 Windt, Mike LS
29 Wright, Shareece cB
72 Young, Eric T

That seems about right. I may be wrong and then again I may be perfectly right.

source: Bell Wine Cellars

It may not be so bad for these first round goners though. Today Bell Wine Cellars released the 2008 Chargers Legacy Cabernet Sauvignon, celebrating five decades of San Diego Chargers football, and rumor has it that each player not making the cut will be sent packing home with a bottle of wine.


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I never even heard of those guys, didn't know they were on our roster either. You're right about us not knowing or caring who they are until we get to the nitty gritty. But until then all I have to say is; here, here, pour a glass for me!