Three Strikes Yer Out: Chargers’ Defense Hit Hard By Enemy #1

In 2010, there were over 70 players used by San Diego. All because of one opponent, injuries. The Chargers’ faces this demon again but this time it comes in preseason form.

source: Bleacher Report

Strike One: Patrick Crayton is reported to have arthroscopic surgery. The good news, he might only miss the rest of the preseason games. The bad news, he could miss one regular season game as well.


Strike Two: Last week we all shockingly watched as Malcom Floyd‘s head bounce off the turf at Cowboys Stadium during preseason game two. All report states that Floyd is fine and is not expected to miss any regular season games.


Strike Three: No one wants a third strike, but it happened, much to our dismay. The significant injury rears it’s ugly head and Stephen Cooper is out in the second half of last Sunday’s game with a torn bicep. Today, however, he claims he would play through the injury. Cooper is a very tough athlete. I am certain Cooper will make a fast recovery. That defense is going to have to do without his veteran leadership for some time – I just hope it will not be for an entire season.

I hope and pray to have better luck against injuries this year unlike last. However, it is about time – and most perfect time – for some of these players to actually earn their keep. Draft Picks have been flops and injury prone and this has to stop.

So, what is he Chargers’ solution for this dilemma? Would it not be the perfect moment for a player to stand up and step up to the challenge? Absolutely! These players – both veterans and rookies alike – have one more preseason game left before the roster is cut to 80 men. After that, they will go to a 53 man roster by September 3rd. All questions will be officially answered then.

For now, players have to make a case for themselves against Arizona. Three strikes may have struck our boys in blue, but OUT they are not. Bring the thunder boys!

The clock starts… Now!

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Bless you for trying to explain the terminlogy for the rookies!